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The Sofitel Luxury Hotels runs some of the world‘s most exclusive and elegant hotels, like the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost in Munich, which - in only a few years - has not only become THE meeting point of business-men and -women, but also the home of discerning guests and celebrities. The top location right in the heart of Munich, the sophisticated service, the excellent restaurant, the fabulous lobby and the in-place par excellence, the ISARBAR, ask for an adequate magazine, the „Life is Magnifique!“ Magazine. This high-gloss publication is edited twice a year, in summer and winter, with a circulation of 15.000 in English and German. Our own highly developed distribution, together with Sofitel‘s own worldwide net, allows us to send this collector‘s piece to habitués and guests of the house; be they in Moscow or Munich. In addition, the „Life is Magnifique!“ is also distributed at high-profile partners such as boutiques, golf clubs, restaurants and clubs. Travellers and guests in the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost are well-funded and fastidious characters, whom we supply with the matching lecture for relaxation and exhilaration. We, therefore, pack our magazine with entertaining reports, interesting interviews and beautiful pictures from all around the world. Wonder about wonderful destinations, watches, fashion, jewellery, history or about financial and other demanding services? Don‘t look further; we have it all. The lovingly cultivated feelgood ambience of the hotel as well as the rooms and suites lead to extremely relaxed reading, and greatly helps buying decisions. Reach without wastage one of the most affluent clientele in Munich and get an optimal presentation of your products or services.

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(Gross prices, less 15% reduction for bookings via agencies, exclusive VAT, in EUR):

1/1 back cover page ad, 4-colours: EUR 8.900,-
First 2/1 page ad in magazine, 4-colours: EUR 7.000,-
2/1 page ad in magazine, 4-colours: EUR 5.600,-
Inside front cover 1/1 page ad, 4-colours EUR 6.500,-
Inside back cover 1/1 page ad, 4-colours EUR 5.250,-
1/1 page ad in magazine next to editorial, 4-colours EUR 4.200,-
1/1 page ad in magazine, 4-colours EUR 3.500,-
1/2 page ad in magazine, 4-colours EUR 2.100,-
1/3 page ad in magazine, 4-colours EUR 1.400,-
Product perception upon request
Banner at EUR 750,- per month
2/1 page, 420 x 297mm

2/1 page
420x297mm w x h)

1/2 page upright, 105 x 297mm

1/2 page upright
105x297mm (w x h)

1/2 page landscape, 210 x 148mm

1/2 page landscape
210x148mm (w x h)

1/1 page, 210 x 297mm

1/1 page
210x297mm (w x h)

1/3 page upright, 70 x 297mm

1/3 page upright
70x297mm (w x h)

Skyscraper, 120 x 600px

120x600px (w x h)

Audience: Readers are voracious, educated and discerning consumers with tremendous spending power. Median Age: 48 years (70% m / 30% f) | 90 % have a university degree | Affluent: > 300.000 EUR

Total number of circulation: 15.000 copies / Language: Bilingual (German & English)

Global Circulation: 10% of the circulation will be distributed through a controlled and personalized direct mailing. 80% will be at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost, presented in the rooms, restaurant, Lobby and in the hotspot of Munich; the ISARBAR! 10% of the circulation will be handed out to customers at high-end partners of the hotel. In addition, all readers get - with registered email - the digital issue.

Publishing releases: 2 x per year, summer and winter / about 68 pages per issue

Closing & copy dates: summer issue cw 21/23; winter issue cw 43/45

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